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We are looking for strong programmers to join our lab. Ideally you are a graduate student in computer science, statistics, math, physics or engineering and are looking for a PhD/MS thesis project. U.G. students with a good amount of time on their hand are also welcomed. Good GPA and strong coding skills are a must (phython, C or matlab). The ideal candidate would have already some experience with machine learning and has taken linear algebra and statistics courses. We will teach you about the brain.

Postdoctoral Fellow - Electrophysiology of Transcranial Electric Stimulation

The Parra lab is seeking a postdoctoral fellow to study the mechanisms of action of transcranial electric stimulation (TES). We are in particular interested in the effects of electric stimulation on synaptic plasticity (LTP and LTD). Transcranial electric stimulation is currently the subject of hundreds of clinical trials but the cellular and network mechanisms are not well understood. There are only a few labs around the world working on the basic mechanisms of TES and thus this postdoctoral fellow will be performing pioneering work with high clinical relevance. The candidate should have experience with slice electro-physiology, and ideally with protocols to induce long-term potentiation. Experience with in vitro patch-clamp recordings and/or two-photon calcium imaging is a plus. Modeling and good programming skills are desirable. Click here for more information on how to apply.


Apply either to Biomedical Engineering or Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience. Email your CV prior to application to determine if we are looking for someone with your profile and interests. We provide full financial support.

U.G. and H.S.

Students wanting an internship in the lab need to have strong GPA, a minimum of 12h per week and can in principle commit to 12 months if they like the project. Some programming experience is a must.


CCNY students wanting to do their thesis research in the lab have to commit to a 12 months research project and should have taken one of these graduate courses.


To do a Diploma or MS thesis with your home institution as an intern in this lab, you have to commit to at least 6 months and have your own financial support. We select a projects that is of interest to you and assist with the J1 visa. Strong programming experience is a must.

Interested applicant?

If you are interested in any of the positions above, send your CV to

Current students please list relevant courses and include your GPA and GRE if available.