Automated MRI Segmentation for Individualized HD-tDCS Targeting (segment)

In collaboration with Dr. Chris Rorden at Georgia Tech, an improved atlas (tissue probability map) has been developed to be used with New Segment in the free software SPM8.

To reduce the intensive manual labor needed in correction of segmentation errors generated from SPM8, a simple and fast Matlab script has been developed for automatic post-processing of the MRI segmentation from SPM8 New Segment.

For individualized tDCS modeling, a Matlab function for fast automated high-density virtual electrode placement following 10/10 international standard (or any user-defined electrode arrangement) has also been developed, to put electrodes on each individual head model.

A script for automated solving of tDCS finite element model in Abaqus under all possible bipolar electrode configurations is also attached, which can save manual labor when running FEM study in Abaqus for different electrode configurations.

For details, please refer to the following paper:

Yu Huang, Jacek P. Dmochowski, Yuzhuo Su, Abhishek Datta, Christopher Rorden, Lucas C. Parra, Automated MRI Segmentation for Individualized Modeling of Current Flow in the Human Head, Journal of Neural Engineering, 10(6):066004, 2013.

Download Matlab codes and atlas here. Note this work has been updated and is now part of ROAST.

Download and use of this work is subject to this license.

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