The New York Head (ICBM-NY)

Segmentation data of the New York Head (NIFTI format). This is also included in ROAST.

Volumetric mesh of the New York Head: Abaqus format, COMSOL* format.

Lead field of the New York Head (Matlab format).


Note the data posted above are all based on a fully symmetric segmentation of the MRIs (we used symmetric MRIs, see below). However, the data that were used for evaluation in the paper below are based on segmentation that are not fully symmetric (this asymmetry was introduced during the segmentation process), and you can download the asymmetric version here: segmentation, mesh in Abaqus and COMSOL* format, and lead field. Further analysis showed that the symmetric version is better.

*Note: if you cannot import the COMSOL .mphtxt file into COMSOL, here are the COMSOL project files (.mph): symmetric version, asymmetric version. Please note that these .mph files were tested to open fine in COMSOL version 5.1, but they're not tested in other COMSOL versions.

Lead field in a format that is compatible with Brainstorm. (Note this is a beta version, and is based on the asymmetric data. A better version for Brainstorm users is coming, pending future grant support.)

Note the segmentation is obtained from 3 sources of MRIs (see the paper below for details): brain is from the symmetric ICBM-152 v2009; non-brain tissues are from the symmetric ICBM-152 v6; and the lower portion of the head is from an averaged head published here.

For details, please refer to the following paper:

Yu Huang, Lucas C. Parra, Stefan Haufe, The New York Head -- A precise standardized volume conductor model for EEG source localization and tES targeting, NeuroImage, 2015, doi:10.1016/j.neuroimage.2015.12.019

Stefan Haufe, Yu Huang, Lucas C. Parra, A highly detailed FEM volume conductor model of the ICBM152 average head template for EEG source imaging and tCS targeting. In: Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc, 2015

Download and use of this work is subject to this license.

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