Greg Kronberg

PhD student, Biomedical Engineering, The City College of New York.

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Current Research

My research is focused on using trans-cranial electrical stimulation to improve learning and memory. Remarkably, applying a small amount of electric current to the whole brain has led to improvements in performance on a variety of learning tasks, from remembering some new vocabulary words (Fiori et al. 2011) to detecting threats in a virtual world (Clark et al. 2012). Understanding why this works, and how we can make it work optimally, has tremendous potential to transform the treatment of brain disorders. To this end, I use electrophysiology and computational models to study how electrical stimulation can alter synaptic plasticity, a fundamental mechanism for learning in the brain (Kronberg et al.2017, Kronberg et al.2019). These models can help to design brain stimulation protocols that alter synaptic plasticity for improved learning.